Outing today to watch The Ant and The Grasshopper!

Came really early and now I'm being bugged to death (haha!) about when it's starting.

We're in circle seats which actually is quite good cos the kids can see without heads blocking their way!

Our view…

This show was 50 minutes long. No1&2 liked it very much cos there's quite a lot of movement and songs. They even had a bit where the kids got to exercise to show the caterpillar that exercise is good!

No1&2 also liked the ladybird but I thought she was a little superfluous. She didn't really help the plot line but she provided laughs and OTT drama (think getai)

If u can bring your kids to watch! Even the Husband liked it (i.e. Never look at phone throughout haha)

Happy smiles! For me I liked this production because of all the positive messaging heh heh.

1. Work hard!
2. Enjoy art. (But only after you've finished working hard.)
3. Change is constant and that's ok
4. Exercise is good for you

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