It worked!!

Had difficulty sleeping last night so I was all mentally prepared for a difficult and snappy morning. The youngest took forever to sleep and I was so certain he was gonna have EPIC MELTDOWN this morning.

But he didn't!πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

So we did the usual pull up the blinds at 730, but afterwards this time I prayed with him (or to be more precise, over his semi-conscious supine body) and gave him a choice whether to wake up now or 2 minutes later.

(That's "giving choices" as a tool to resolve conflict.)

Went to tend to no2 and he walked out himself saying he need to pee! He wanted to use the potty instead of the toilet so I let him (choose your battles; my own tip haha)

While he was peeing I told him about the need to wash hands, but I didn't say "you must wash your hands! Eee so dirty never wash hands." (That's the part about not using "you" because it just sets up a power struggle.)

Instead I said, "Did you know houseflies like the smell of shhshh? When we don't wash our hands after using the toilet the houseflies will come and land on them! Do you want to wash your hands?"

And he just nodded quickly! Yeah!

So the last hurdle was brushing his teeth. He just doesn't like to brush his teeth and it's a constant struggle to even get the toothbrush near him.

So today when I said "Time to brush teeth!" He immediately went, "No!" I was like 😑😑😑

Then I decided what's there to lose let's just try the being playful tip.

So I made the toothbrush cry and ask to go into his mouth to hide. He was intrigued and agreed.

Then the toothbrush danced up and down, in and out and sideways in his mouth to thank him.

This is really the ultimate ιͺ—小孩….

But it worked and I had NO TEARS OR TANTRUMS!!!

So we went to school happy and we had a very nice morning.

I think the prayer def worked and the other tools were also handy. Shall continue listening πŸ’ͺ

Didi came home and there's always this strange medicinal smell that lingers over him.

Today I had a revelation – is it some kind of insect repellent??? It's not citronella nether is it DEET scented.

It's like a toned down ru yi you smell but not so "hot". After sniffing his head, clothes, arms and legs, I conclude that they only spray from neck down.

But what is it?? And how can they afford to spray kids everyday??

Playing while papa is seriously learning.

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