Drawn by the Queen. (She helpfully initials the girl's dress to let me know it's her ha)

Bird no7

I asked her what is the bird thinking.

She unashamedly said, "I'm cute."

The Princess joins in the fun

I like the figure of the girl more than the bird itself haha

No2 likes to color and embellish her drawing!

I discovered this YouTube channel and its so interesting! The girls are also inspired (hence the drawings above) and I think it's better than letting them watch "Hey guys!" (I wonder if anyone knows what that is hahahaha)

It's a nice after dinner activity when they can sit quietly and draw. Barring didi who keeps snatching their markers and trying to scribble on their art…

Found this while digging up old clothes. For 4-6months so small and cute! These are clothes you squeal when you see your kid wearing it cos they looks so small and squishy and cuddly….

But I think it's time to say bye because the baby has grown and his clothes are taking up too much space. Anyone interested? 5 bucks!


Was trying to find a photo of didi wearing the suit but I can't find any…

This is how round and wobbly he was though in oct 14! 5 months old…

Hahaha look how funny he was! Beanies are the best for winter!

To be fair to my other children this is the oldest. She had crazy kaboom hair until she was a year old? This was 5 months old.

13 months…The Husband looked so young too!

These past 7 years have not been kind to us haha

Hahahaha! No2 was so funny! She was about 6 months then.

Loving food from a young age! (8 months)

People have always commented on her ang moh looks and how she's very pretty but looking back at the photos she's very normal looking leh!? And it's also impacted her cos she's quite hiao and particular about what she wears 🙄🙄🙄

No1 gets no verbal love cos she's more shy sigh #saynotocomparingpeople!!

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