Woke up to iron uniforms. Out of all the house chores, I like ironing best. You see wrinkles disappear, the clothes pile diminishing and there's no sweat involved.

Anything that involves me getting wet and sticky (which is like everything to do with the kitchen) makes me go URGH.

But still gotta do it, because this is what adulthood is all about!

819 and my sanity returns

This morning was one of those cry cry whine whine "I'm going off without you!" meltdown days.

Tally for the week (youngest):

Monday: boohoo life is so tough but I will still go school
Tuesday: A ok, no complaining
Wednesday: still ok, didn't want to brush teeth
Thursday: no uniform, no brush teeth, no toilet, no breakfast. Go down sniveling. But once on the bus everything is fine and dandy?!?

Only 1 more weekday to go before the cycle ends…

Self control can only be developed by practice, not by force



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