Yesterday's actual birthday celebration! The cake was small but the love was infinite ❤️❤️❤️

One more cake to go this Friday! Birthdays are all about the cake….and the candles on top. After the picture was taken the 3 of them ran off to play with the toys and that teeny tiny slice was half eaten!

So didi is still out of action from school. He was extremely cheerful waking up today; asked for milk, played his toys and went around hugging his sisters etc.

Anyway I looked at his timetable and there's this lesson called "exploratory learning". Is that teacher speak for "play by yourself"?

I asked his 2nd sister what it was and she replied,

"I think it's exploring trees. Explore and trees."

😂😂😂🌲🌳🐾🌿🍃 nice deduction though!

Hello Kitty megablok completed! It's no2 birthday present but she isn't here so I er…completed it! Love the colors and vibe!

Playing tennis

Briefing! Very interesting to listen to the "product launch". This is only for existing GE customers who fit their profile, or who were invited in the 1st tranche.

You have to fill in a SIO (Simplified Issue Order) which is 4 questions and then you're in. However I was mentally running through my list of friends and realized that quite a few wouldn't qualify because:

They had cysts…
They had parents who had cancer before 60…

So my conclusion is, it's better to buy such policies young(er) when I and my loved ones are healthy and well. After all 1 in 5 women in Sg will contract some form of cancer (for men it's 1 in 4) so I should be prepared. Also cancer is not a death sentence if you detect it early and go for treatment.

(Credit: Singapore Cancer society)

So far my parents (CHOY!) are still healthy and well let's hope it stays that way!


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