Attended a wedding today! Their friend's grandma bought them these dresses to match her granddaughters, but before we could take a photo with them the granddaughter left! 😭

Nice and sparkly skirts but the armholes are enormous.

Selfies while waiting for the daddy to pick us up…every time I take with the girls they will say "girls day out" haha

We took a family photo but because it's lunch/nap time the youngest is SLUMPED over and knocked out…but I love it because I look TAAAALLLLL!

Collecting No2's cake from here. Sims Place is still very old school and quiet I like it! I can just picture myself coming downstairs to the coffee shop and sitting around shooting the breeze, walking to the wet market to get my groceries then let my kids play at the open space with their friends.

Only thing is mrt not very near; but nowhere is perfect…

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