During CNY, the Husband decided that didi could go diaper free in the day and we let him wear his BIG BOY UNDERPANTS throughout. It was fine at the airport, but we encountered a bit of problems during the car ride. (4 hours from KL to Sitiawan)

The toilets along the highway are mostly squatting ones, and my kids are not used to it. So what I did with the girls was get them to squat, hold them and try to make sure they pee into the toilet.

Naturally I did that with the boy too, but because his…equipment is different, he ended up spraying quite far and nearly wet me!

So I asked the Husband how boys pee and he told me,

"Standing up".

It was a revelation to me!

Yes I know guys pee upright, but boys too?

Cos when he's at home obviously the toilet bowl is too high and he has to sit on that, or the potty. (Which also causes some accidents when the…equipment is not pointing down haha)

So I had to ask him to tell me how it all works, because I'm in charge of the kids when we get to the patrol kiosk/rest points.

Apparently he has to stand in front of the toilet and then somehow aim. And being new to this whole boy peeing business, I have to help him aim.

At the next toilet stop, I told didi to stand and tried to point him in the right direction, but I didn't want the pee to dribble down his pants (doesn't the trajectory change at the end? Why are boys so complicated???) so in the end he did a half squat over the toilet and sprayed.

So yes, I still have lots to learn for potty training of the opposite gender.

Anyway, I'm sure I'm not the only one with this problem, because my mummy friend who heard it was equally fascinated. Her husband was laughing throughout and he told me to make sure my Husband does the training, cos if he squats to pee in NS he will be ridiculed.

So today, didi wore his bbu to school for the first time and I asked him how he peed. He told me that the teacher helped him stand on a stool to pee inside the toilet bowl😂 I tried it at home but he wanted to sit down on the red potty…😅

Potty training boys really pattern more than badminton….

My conclusion is potty training girls is easier! All they have to do is just sit down, whether it's for pee or poop!


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