Finally not raining!

I've loaded to washing machine and it's happily doing it's job now. Hmm maybe not too happily, more like creakily because it's at maximum load 9kg and the water is to the brim.

But I can have fresh nice smelling clothes agaaaaiiinnnnnn.

Laundry is my nemesis. I have a phobia of colors running and what not.

Major Mother's guilt

So I was checking the oldest's bag on Friday and I tossed out a red angbao by Touch community service cos we don't have a habit of donating to these organizations.

Yesterday the girl came to me and asked where her ang bao was. I said I didn't know and she didn't say much. This morning she asked again and I said we don't donate anyway, just use another angbao. She got all teary eyed and insisted on the angbao.

I told her to tell the teacher she lost it and it's ok.

It's just a packet anyway right? I tried giving her another angbao and placed money inside but she didn't want it.

So I thought that was that.


I received a phone call from her form teacher saying that the angbao has a serial number tagged to each child, and she has to make a report if it's lost. 😱 so it WAS important, and I doubted my child.

Sigh. Why does TOUCH get to do such fundraising in school anyway? How about other organizations?

Whatever it is, I will not toss out stuff from my children's bags anymore. Let them carry detritus and dirt I will not interfere.

Sigh my cream sauce for pasta looks a little salah. Too much liquids? Not enough cheese?

Don't know if the kids are gonna eat it…

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