I woke up at 620 today. Went to the kitchen to start breakfast and realized we didn't have enough bread.

Got out of the house at 627 to buy the bread and saw my neighbor's children going to school. Walked down towards NTUC and saw more school children trudging in the rain to the MRT/bus stops.

In NTUC, I saw the trays of gardenia bread at the entrance and figured that they hadn't unpacked their bread and I was gonna get old stock.

To my surprise, Sunshine loaves were already unpacked and neatly displayed. I picked up the milk bread and went to self checkout to pay. It was closed but there were 2 cashiers at the side, cheerfully greeting everyone and efficiently scanning and bagging our purchases.

Got out of NTUC and walked back home. Reached at 640am and the children were still asleep.

No matter how early or late, there are people going about their lives and errands. We're really a city that never sleeps.


Doesn't feel like I'm in Singapore! So much greenery! Taken from Bukit Timah shopping center with the downtown line it's so convenient to get to that part of the world now!

Such a cute store with a nice owner! I like discounts! #atmlobang

She has 2 cute bunnies too so children will be super entertained.

Feels like the apocalypse with heavy rain everywhere!


Rainy weather + early morning start = zonked out boy.

I keep calling him a baby but he's more rough and tumble boy than sweet innocent toddler.


Such a good reminder for my day. The visual a little salah though looks like arrows stuck into the various parts of the body.

Can download a printable version from https://lovinglifeathome.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/praying-for-your-children-from-head-to-toe.pdf


Today is a open the fridge day, look for stuff to eat then realize there's NOTHING because I'm the one in charge of cooking and didn't cook anything.

Some days I'm so motivated to eat clean, other days I just want to sit down and eat my mother in law's fabulous fish/chicken/fried food. We usually have a wealth of leftovers from the weekend, but this weekend we had reunion dinner at my auntie's and then we invited our friends over for dinner on Sunday….

AND THEY FINISHED ALL OF MY MIL's delicious cooking 😭

So I have no leftovers. Or rather, I only have my OWN leftovers which aren't that great.

In fact I would say they're just functional. You know, like eat to live type 😨

It's quite shiok with the little wasabi kick! Yay to snacks.

Boo to tight clothes.


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