Today the power supply is cut off from 9-4pm. They're working on some switchboard issues and I would be more sympathetic, except I'm going out for lunch and my parents are baby-spitting.

So I'm super irritated and wondering WHY DO THEY NEED SO MANY HOURS, and why they inconvenience stay at home parents and children. Ok I know this is the best timing for working adults and the general population, but but but.

Maybe Friday is the best day? When people can make plans to be out of the house?

Sigh it wouldn't be a problem if i weren't going out. I would have just brought the kids to the library, or to their ahma's house. But I'm not sure if my parents can handle all 3 outside. And at home what will they do without the fan, and can they stop the children from opening the fridge too often?

Shall just pray and leave it up to God. And have more faith in my parents…

1211pm – still no sign of power. I walked up the stairs because the lift was packed. Thank God I don't stay till high up!

I really love my ex colleagues. They made my first job so fun.

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