So glad I got to meet up with my secondary school friend this morning! We talked from 9-11 without stopping. I think it helps cos we rarely meet up and have a lot to catch up with.

@matzhuang I think these are the dates when they sell the magazines. No guarantees if they still bundle the kid's magazines with it though!

As an aside, how come the town area goodie bag is more expensive??? So unfair…

Perks of having younger siblings – they still have energy to help me babysit!

Now my 3 kiddos are downstairs playing happily (I hope) with my brother and his girlfriend. Actually his girlfriend is the more hands on one; my brother went to take a catnap and left her to play with them 😑

I'm sure the tables will be turned when they get married hahaha.

Potty training means eating dinner with the sisters while watching some one poo poo.

And being subject to a running commentary on how much poopoo is coming out πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©

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