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Just finished this book "Rejection Proof" by Jia Jiang. I heard about him during a talk and when to google his story. He's a Chinese American who quit his job to be an entrepreneur, but got rejected for funding and became very discouraged. While searching for how to overcome his rejection, he found this site called "rejection therapy" and decided to do 100 days worth of rejection.

He actually started a video blog recording all his rejection attempts and the one which really changed him was his attempt to get rejected at Krispy Kreme. He made an outlandish request and instead of getting rejected, the service staff stepped up and did it for him.

That video went viral and he was invited to do Ted talks and go on talk shows. If you don't like reading, you can watch his Ted talks which gives a quick summary of whatever experience he had.

But personally, I found the book more cohesive, because in the end he actually parlayed his rejection experience into getting a job at Google for his wife. Which really demonstrates how he applied his knowledge rather than just talk you know?

From here I learnt a few things:

– rejection is an opinion
– rejection has a number
– rejection is an experience to learn how to do things better.

It's all vague and hippy-ish, but read it and it makes more sense!


Argh updated my Evernote and now it keeps crashing on me! Is it because my IOS is not good enough??

Rules and principles make good fences for a family, but not good glue. Joy is the best family glue on the market

Quote from No Greater Joy Ministries.

712pm Just chilling with the kids now. The Husband went for another work dinner and I made pizza for their dinner. Anything that is happily gobbled up is always welcome!

We're watching Leapfrog's Opposites. I think I've watched it at least 50 times? But they still laugh al all the jokes.


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