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Today I woke up on the wrong side of bed. Growled at my children, snipped at my husband and felt super annoyed when an auntie cut my queue in the market.

And when I think about it, only the auntie was in the wrong and yet I didn't say anything to her. My kids were annoying but it's more because they're clumsy or sleepy and I "chu" power on them. Are strangers more important than my own family?

So for the remainder or the day, I must remember this:


If I can hold my tongue at super irritating queue cutters who don't even apologize, how can I hold a grudge against my children? Even when they:

Spill milk on the table
Spill milo on themselves
Forget their spelling
Keep chattering when I ask them to sleep
Throw tantrums when TV time is over
Scream when another comes near them or takes their toys

I must BITE MY TONGUE and calm down before I speak.

🚫😡 today.

#auntyalert! Freebie day today when you buy 8 days or i zhou Kan!

The main reason why I was taken in – they were bundling kids magazines with it!!

So I got the frozen and finding dory, then an additional 3 Dora mags from the lucky draw.

Total 4.50 for all this I shall just use the 8 days for teaching my student.

This shall be my secret weapon tonight for world peace haha

Glue and scissors and scrap paper. That's all that the kids need to be happy. They love cutting and pasting onto papers.

I think when I go Malaysia I'm gonna stock up on cheap glue sticks they are finishing mine…

Spoke too soon all that cutting and gluing resulted in major meltdown for no2

812pm – chores are done, children are bathed and clean and it's my turn to go into the bathroom!

The Husband is out for dinner but nevermind, TV nanny to the rescue! Actually he came back and helped mop the rooms so my mop time was cut into half.

It really does get better when they're older. Now I only have to shower the youngest and the older 2 are independent. They were also very happy with my free Dora magazines and did everything super sonic speed!

Extrinsic motivation is great!

Wow saw this on my Facebook! It's exactly what I needed to hear today!


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