Last night before bed didi started singing to himself. It was a chinese song and we didn't really catch it but the gist of it was 爸爸妈妈去做工 *mumble mumble* 我不哭也不闹 老师*mumble more*。

Super excited cos it's like affirmation that he's learning stuff at kindy! All the tears and enduring his repeated "I don't like school" is paying off! And he was happy to sing it, albeit softly (maybe cos paiseh he doesn't really know the words haha)

Googled the lyrics and it's this song! Shall play it for him each time he says he doesn't want to school to brain wash him!

So cute everyone in this picture is wearing black and white stripes! 🐼🐄

@lynnnnn you're an enabler…but thanks for the heads up the visa cashback is really good!


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