Haven't woken up this early in a long while.

I think as you grow older you sleep less?! Or maybe it's just my youngest taking up so much space in my bed and refusing to move out.

Oh well early bird gets the worm.

Making cauliflower breadsticks. I couldn't find my parsley so I omitted that. Here's to something indulgent but not so bad!

The finished product.

Verdict? I think the cauliflower needs to be squeezed after it's riced. The texture is not crunchy like bread bread. It's more baby food-ish.

Taste wise….it tastes like baked cauliflower haha! Probably should have added some salt but I thought the cheese was salty enough.

Will try again in a smaller batch I only managed to eat half for lunch and no one else wanted to try it…

My 不见天 cooking in progress!

Finished product #nofilter #buthavestrategicangle

My parents are over to babysit so in return I try to cook something nice. They're forced to eat pizza for lunch every week cos my no1 is OCD that way…

But he loves this charsiew so gotta cook it for him! So far this and my chicken wings got the thumbs up. I'm a carnivore so I focus on the meats haha! I would love to cook a whole fish but I'm still not confident of my wok skills. It always ends up sticking to the sides!

Wiped clean

It's 9 and I'm ready for bed.
Once in a blue moon I'll meet friends for dinner and be amazed that there is LIFE out there at 9ish. So many people walking around!! So many lights! Shops and restaurants are still open!

But my bed trumps everything hahaha.

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