The good life is when you wake up, you can drink milk in bed and change into uniform while your mom thoughtfully covers your eyes with your pjs so that it won't be "too bright". Then you get carried out into the living room, play with your toys and poop at the same time 10 MINUTES BEFORE THE BUS COMES and mom has to scramble to clean you and wear your socks and shoes.

Reality hits when you're on the bus and realize your personal slave isn't coming along.

You cry and cling on with all your might to one sleeve so that personal slave aka mama can go on the bus but the auntie gently but firmly drags you to a seat. BOOHOO!

(Meantime erjie is engrossed with the latest episode of Peppa showing on the tiny screen and can't be bothered with your outburst. Well trained already haha.)

ALL THE BEST DIDI! I hope you won't look like a swollen panda when you come home later…

So happy to be home! His voice is very husky now haha but other than that everything is fine! Thank God

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