I've hung up my first 2017 calendar! Feels so unreal this year is ending? What have I accomplished?
So far, major events for this year include

#1 going to P1
Starting my insurance journey
Going on my long haul holiday and missing our flight…
Relatives passing on
Leaving my first job
Learning how to taobao!

I def need to regroup and rethink for 2017. Highlights include didi starting school πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ and enrolling no2 into primary school.

Heart melting moments – when erjie reads all 25 books to her didi.

And he sits there and listens patiently too 😍

Just bought No1's school books. It's still 100 odd even though I bought 2nd hand textbooks. I'm feeling the pinch!


Better write down my 2017 goals


Complete 1 assessment book with no1. She likes doing them but I'm not so happy marking it so I don't do it with her…this year I will make sure she does 1 simple chapter of maths every week so we won't scramble at test times.
English and Chinese still manageable because their standard is not super high

Teach didi how to read. He's my most neglected child….

No2? Work on her mandarin.

For no2 and 3 I feel like they should play and enjoy more so all they really need to do is read. For leisure! Not for work/assessment book kinda thing.

I would also like to teach them more life skills like er folding clothes/making the bed/wiping the table. No1 loves to wash dishes but she uses SO MUCH DETERGENT AND WATER for a measly dish…so that can wait till they're older haha.

I think major milestone is to cleanup after they play. Which they do with much prompting (aka screaming)

It would be nice if it's automatically ingrained?

But who am I kidding I'm no1 mess maker…this is definitely not my talent!

Memorize bible verses with them. We used to do it but it fell by the wayside. This can be something we do every evening?

Ok don't be overly ambitious maybe once a week. Then reinforce the whole week.

Also I want to teach no1 how to flip and use her bible. Must model!!


Since they're all in morning session next year we can exercise together in the evenings!!

I would like them to be able to cycle on 2 wheels next year!

And maybe didi can start swimming lessons? Super ambitious hmm…

And and I want to go exercise myself too!!

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