Took melatonin last night but I still woke up at 5ish. It makes me feel v groggy but my mind is too active!

The day before Christmas Eve! Feels so unreal that we're less than 10 days to the new year. I was afraid the school holidays would be a drag but with the delays and holidays everything zoomed by…

My first time taking a Lexus on grab! I actually took 167 to get to their art class cos said it would only take 40 minutes.

40 mins later, the bus was only at Orchard, with like 15 more stops to go…I got down at Newton and used Grab. The location pin wasn't accurate but thank God the driver knew where I was and how to find me.

So moral of the story- just take the grab car next time and don't bother with long bus rides…

Went back to Artflock for their holiday class! Since I bought the combo package no2 got to go for 2 classes and no1 went for a super long class.

This was Carousel in clay or something.

Pop art! That's like the new in thing izzit? Her June hol class was also pop art, but on food.

Painting her face! This is less teacher aided I think I could see more shaky lines and all.

But still nice!

No2's 2nd art piece snowy castle.

Very pink!

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