Wanted to take the cruise today but we missed the timing; nevermind there's still tomorrow!

Went on the hop on hop off bus tour instead.

IT WAS FREEZING….thankfully I dressed the kids in thermals but my jacket was just too thin. The wind is so bad!

Beanie and mittens check! She asked why I didn't give her her scarf…

Neiman Marcus! There's a really beautiful rotunda preserved inside.

With a gigantic Christmas tree

So cold and hungry while waiting for the bus to move…the food stand with hot dogs really called out to us!

But the traffic at union square was gridlocked so we didn't dare go down.

We went to PB for breakfast. Is it so crazily ex in Sg too???

The cakes do look nice though, but it was too cold for them.

Had the chicken pesto sandwich which was decent. The girls had croissants which were ok but v ex too…

This is one of the things I miss about France. But we can't have everything so oh well!

Couldn't resist this pink kitchenaid measuring spoon and cup set. But now that it's by itself the color looks kinda insipid.

Still nice right?

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