Today was a great day! We went to the Arches National Park. It's in Moab, Utah and everything is so inspiring!

I think it's like Taiwan's Yeliu? But 10000 times bigger.

This was supposed to resemble 3 penguins.

The Moab fault. The audio guide claimed that the area we were standing on was once part of the other side millions of years ago.

Taking pictures of the signs cos I never can remember what I've read.

The kids loved picking up rocks. They were plotting to make their own rock garden haha

The area is so vast and everything just feels so endless.

God's creation is awesome.

Running towards a rock that ironically has no name.

It's good cos no1 was very inspired. She kept insisting this was an elephant rock.

Maybe she'll be a geologist!

This is called the Balanced rock. It's the size of 3 school buses. The rock on top is of a different type compared to the base. So what that means is they erode at different times and one day the rock will topple over.

I think it looks like a person's side profile!

This is the most photographed rock formation called the delicate arch. You can hike up to it (about 3 miles) and it takes 45-1 hour.

I didn't think the kids could handle the walk so we had to settle for a far away picture.


The Fiery Furnace.

It's sandstone and so vibrant! My pictures don't do it justice…

This is called the window arch I think.

After the Arches, we went to Canyonlands National Park. It's a super long drive in and by the time we reached the kids were quite grouchy.

Hey but we're here to enjoy nature so gogogo

This is the Mesa Arch.

Beyond that is a deep scary drop into the canyon…

"Take a picture of me mama!"


Vast valley? Gorge?

I wish I remembered more geog!

Super not impressed by this time and more interested in snacking

At the Grand View lookout?

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