Went to visit The Husband's colleague. His house is up the mountains and it's beautiful!

This is part of his backyard…

Playing with snow outside his house. It's nice and powdery cos it snowed yesterday. Yay!

No2's snow man. It's very small maybe about 10cm tall?

Our couple shot! While the kids were busy playing with the snow.

No1 so happy with her snowman. I asked her if it was a snow monster and she replied indignantly, "That's me!"


The antenna looking twigs is supposed to represent her hair…

The very nice couple who treated us to Pho!

So nice to eat hot piping noodles when it's cold outside.

They have a super cute chihuahua called Suzy! No1 was terrified and spent most of her time perched on the sofa but no2 sat down on the floor and played with her for ages!



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