Hahaha got photos from my friend this is hilarious! The baby doll wailing at the side is probably terrified of didi taking care of them!

So comfy snuggled together.

At Barnes & Noble reading

Good thing it's so near our hotel and they love reading!

Playing with the train set

It's finally snowing!

Binge watching Flip or Flop now…HGTV is addictive!!

Weird sleeping hours. Woke up at 5, slept at 3-7 and now wide awake at 12am.

I think I won't attempt a US trip anytime soon, unless we're here for at least 3 weeks of pure holiday. It's very disruptive to our sleep cycle and the kids can't do much because it's cold outside.

Tomorrow it's gonna be positive (degrees) but there's a chance of rain. Crossing fingers it won't because if not we'll be stuck indoors again.

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