430am and 2/3 kids are up partying.Drank milk, ate cookies and generally refusing to go back to sleep.

I comfort myself with the fact that they can nap in the afternoon, and anyway, it gets dark early. Feel sorry for the Husband's colleague though cos he has to enduring their tantrums in the car when we go for dinner…



The oldest woke up. Time to start the day!

We met up with a church friend and she brought us to this place. It's about 15 mins drive away from our hotel and it's really wonderful!

Huge sofa to read on! I love these oversized things but it's a bit creepy to have at home.

The treehouse museum has different stations! On the ground floor there's the train area, this barn, a cowboy area, a pioneer school and different parts of the world.

The special exhibit was on China.

Pretending to milk a cow!

You can even dress up as a cow while doing it…

Super Cheena exhibit! This is the dragon dance which happens hourly. The kids get to hold the dragon, lanterns or musical instruments and walk one round.

The Princess blending very well with the dragon in her red thermal wear haha!

Yee ha!

Cowgirl Queen

They have really lovely illustrated maps on the floor. We're on it!

This is the map of the country. It's really amazing how one country can be so big!

I guess I'm still a small one town girl.

They went upstairs to do some animal painting.

There was a lady in front and being typical Asian follower I asked the girls to stop and listen to her first before painting. But she just said, "You can just start! Paint whatever you want!"

Then don't call the session animal painting call it creative painting…

They only had red and black so the oldest was stumped on what animal to paint. (Law by law haha)

Cute boat!

We made tissue flowers too. They have papers and markers and craft stuff lying all around which is great!

Grocer and diner station. Didi loved to play with the fake food he kept holding on to the basket and adding fruit inside.

This was called Heroes or storybook section. I love the whole layout!

Hippos in the night. It sounds like an interesting read!

Something I want to remember.

The knights/castles section.

A science circus next to it! There were explanations about balance and mirrors etc.

Doll section. So intricate! But I've watched too much horror movies so I really don't like dolls that are too life like.

Russian folk tale area! This is babayaga's house? Check out the Russian dolls!

I have the chills…

This was quite a nice activity. Basically you paste the plastic pieces onto the white area to make "stained glass".

Can do at home with markers and plastic wrap?

Went back down to see the chinese exhibition. The girls cooked a meal for me!

So cute! And the pretend food all correspond to a menu that's on the table!


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