Clearing the receipts and this is genius!
I don't mind going for another round!

So the Husband has gone for his meeting and the kids are binge watching TV in the morning.

I want to go out but I see the minus degree I feel very reluctant!

We have to search for lunch anyway so we'll def go out during lunch. Fortunately there are some food places nearby. I'll try Carl's Jr. today! There's Taste of India but I haven't eaten Indian food in US; it feels more like a U.K. thingy?

加油to myself…

We went out…

To Toys R Us!

He went straight for the princess ride. I comfort myself by saying it's cos it's lower and easier to get in and out of.

Ok he tried the red Porsche too…

My kids and their purple crayons! Such a nice riff on Harold's purple crayon.

In case you're wondering it's supposed to be a coin bank. ???

The mountains are beautiful!

3 feet Elsa and Anna dolls. A tad creepy don't you think??

At Target! Only 2 out of 3 are interested.

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