In the plane waiting for everyone to board! Economy is full but everything still looks quite new so ok.

Here we are finally! After nearly 24 hours of flying, waiting and driving.

Good thing – got snow!
Bad thing – got snow.

Good thing – near shops!
Bad thing – can kids go out with me?

Super jet lagged but the kids are still bouncing off the walls pasting their sticker books.

Actually now that they're more than 2 years they really only need the entertainment system, food and toilet breaks. No need to pack so much extra stuff.

But didi who's still in diapers requires more planning. I left my packet of wet wipes behind in the toilet after cleaning his poop. Remembered an hour later and it was Gone. 😱

Thank God the stewardness gave me a bunch of extra wet wipes.

Also, the immigration Q was so long at San Francisco airport. We waited for 1 hour and were still NO WHERE NEAR THE COUNTERS. I was all prepared to miss my connecting flight when…

An angel called LAM appeared and ushered us to his counter to check us through. It was such a thoughtful gesture I was super touched. Traveling with kids is a bane and a boon. Because I can happily wait for hours in a queue without kids, but also because I wld HAVE DEFINITELY waited super long if they weren't here.

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