Collected more #taobao loot yesterday. This is quite nice the material is cotton and not the shiny stuff.


This map was a bad buy from #ezbuy. First I didn't check the price carefully and they didn't state which seller is from, so I couldn't verify how much it was.

Next they sent me the wrong sized puzzle! So when I went taobao to see the actual thing to my horror guess how much it is?

49.80 yuan. Ok the shipping is 50 yuan. But that still makes it 20 sgd!!

So #ezbuy made a mad profit of 15sgd? (Note i chose a diff option which was 35 dollars cos it had English on the flags as well.)

Lesson learnt next time must check actual seller and actual taobao price. Don't assume the ezbuy search is the best seller and best price.

I bought this series and I love it! The Queen read it in her school library and liked it so I went online to hunt for it.

It's paperback so more suitable for older children, but there's hanyupinyin!! I finally know what to read for the animal sounds instead of randomly making it up!

It's very repetitive so good for early learners. If your chinese is super zai don't buy it you'll be bored to tears.

Trying out thekitchn's hack on cooking bacon in water to reduce splattering. I hope it works I love crispy bacon!

We're going on holiday soon and I need to finish stuff in my fridge… what should I do with my celery juice everything???

Maybe I should cos my mom is coming over today and she can drink with me.


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