Was busy the past two days with my own stuff so finally today can spend some time with the children!

But being #tigermum they have to do some work before we can go downstairs to play…

The oldest is learning the piano so she has to practice everyday. She does about 15-20 minutes and I fold the laundry/prep food etc while keeping an ear out for mistakes.

No2 did some abacus but there's only 1 row left! Need to break out the "enrichment books" aka assessment books haha.

The youngest plays with his own toys…I would like to have some "curriculum" but my main focus is on no1 and 2. Oops. Maybe he can do some life skills like cleaning up toys haha.


It's thirsty work

A mother's life – eat the leftover chicken from cooking chicken soup when you didn't cook enough pasta for lunch.

So hilarious to see didi scoot doggedly with his oversized helmet and pants flapping in the wind.

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