Winning is when I get to hang the laundry out before didi wakes up. Haha.

It would be great if I could have eaten my breakfast and used the toilet in peace too, but I'll take what I can get.

Reading this now because my tuition kid says she's reading it and I'm trying to find vocab words for her.

It's too American and slangy and angst-ridden for me though. Nowadays youth fiction has a lot of drama and snarky remarks. But pretty entertaining premise!

Ok lah #ezbuy at least you listened and refunded after the ding dong.

Now to look forward to my parcels coming!

Aiyah so emotional. No wonder hormonal teenagers like to read it.

Love lost and found, then lost again. The idea of a person vs the reality of knowing someone.

But it has made Walt Whitman very appealing, so I guess there is some merit to it!

Are all of John Green's books so bittersweet????

Anyway what is love? This nameless feeling that rushes through you, thoughts of the other filling you to the point of no return?

How do you love someone whom you don't know? You can have a crush, you can have feelings, but is that love?

Besides, love is not enough to sustain a relationship. It's more than that, because we're all imperfect and I think tolerance and empathy is more important than feelings that depend on hormones.


It's here! Quite legit @lynnnnn

(1.02kg for 4 books)

Hologram stickers

Uh oh I feel some princess parties coming on…

Trinkets for girls. This is hello kitty at its pinkest and finest. Free paper bags thrown in as a gift but er the case is too bulky for the bags.

Bling bling necklace that my daughter will probably wear

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