Rainy day. Wet market plans have to be postponed…

Blurry under the table shot. Good thing it's glass so I can see what this monkey is up to…

Bought this from taobao for didi…trying to toilet train him this holiday before he sets off to school.

So there's this big kick ass sign that says buy 2 get 5yuan off. Obviously I bought 2 sets (cos potty training needs lots of undies) and told them about the discount.

#Ezbuy didn't refund me the 5yuan. It's not a big sum, but since its an auto deduction shouldn't they just refund it?

I wrote to their CS and the lady said sometimes during 11/11 sale they don't redeem vouchers. ?!?

Sometimes I think they just auto reply without reading properly…

If the undies are good I think I shall taobao direct next time…

Rainy season has been very good for the basil, it keeps growing like mad!

The Cai xin is very big but I think it will be very tough

All the stuffed toys are currently huddled on the chair…

They're waiting to see the doctor! The polar bear is suffering from a high fever…

This is the doctor's notes. No idea what it means but I found it so funny!


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