"Swimming" yesterday. Was trying to teach him how to kick but he was more tickled by the water splashing on his face.

How did people do it without swimming coaches in the past?

25 nov is the start date!


I just love looking at my kids scribbles. They're at such a creative age now you can tell what she learns in school by what she draws.

Now she's into super heroes, cops and robbers and some game cards (self created).

Lots of litter all over the floor though, but I guess it's all part of growing her imagination!

Yay! One #taobao parcel is on the way! This is the good thing about Prime, you can get things quickly and they won't make you wait till everything arrives.

The bad thing is that some of my items are still in "purchasing order" mode. Makes me wonder if they'll get through or not.

Today I learnt new facts about ladybugs…

Is the ant eating a hand???

Looking forward to the whole series!

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