The queen : E is my favorite letter, J is Mei Mei's favorite letter and I is didi's favorite letter.

Ah ma : oh cos it's your name letter. What's my favorite letter?

The queen : A!

Ah ma : 😂😂😂


Saw this posted on the girls' door.

The prices definitely reflect her favorites!

If this cafe goes into business it will go bust very quickly…

Doodle dot markers make nice candles for their imaginary cake.

They're really good. They are a nice size for didi and best of all they don't smudge! Only thing is the sisters are hogging them and I have to remind no2 that they're for didi to play with so that he can learn how to grasp things better.

It's a local company so not cheap but must support local… (must balance out my Taobao obsession)

I bought them when I went to the Early Childhood learning festival. Thought of keeping them for Christmas but I just dug out lots of crayons and markers from my boxes so decided to let them use it first before they dry up.

My nephew liked them so much he wants them for Christmas haha…but I already bought him sticker books 😅

So hilarious they wrote santa letters today!

No1 : Me and Mei Mei have 2 letters each. Didi has 1 only ok?

Actually I told them we wanted to give to those who need more this Christmas, so they said they will only have 2 toys each. But these children are so blessed because their various uncles and aunties are buying/have bought gifts already.

I must bring them down to the Boy's Brigade Sharity gift box to donate stuff…

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