Taking the bus to bukit Merah now. This is so old school it's the type that was new when I was schooling! I half expected to see a transit link machine at the entrance for my magnetic card haha.

The difference is all the kids are talking to each other through their phones instead of looking at each other now…

Waiting for the pizza to bake. Today's base is not as smooth as last week's did I leave it to rise for too long?

Sigh the mysteries of bread making are beyond me…

Shopping on #taobao now! This looks really nice and perfect for cookies!

@racing__stripes #taobao has the whole set! #buybuybuy

Lifesaver for long haul flights. Also good for teaching chinese. Except if I want some peace then I have to buy….

This is in English.
Getting a couple for gifts cos the girls I know all love sparkly princessy things

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