856 and I'm still stuck in bed cos the youngest wants to nurse and sleep.

I'm happy to let him sleep longer cos he's been coughing and having drippy nose. Researching on my smoothie for breakfast later I can't wait to eat!

Yay! peanut butter smoothie. Tastes really good! Fattening, but good fats.

Muffins big and

Muffins small.

The 2nd requested for chocolate chip muffins so I randomly googled for a recipe. Argaration for temp and time to bake cos the recipe is for the big size, but I prefer the smaller ones. Easier for kids to finish.

Must resist them…I want to get a healthy BMI again…..

Yay the voucher is here!

Hiding under the blankets…great bedtime activity for monkeys.

The Husband complained that he feels itchy when sleeping cos they drag it all over the room. Haha!

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