One minute they're fighting, the next erjie is reading Dora to him. 😍😍😍

I have a pizza dough breakthrough!!! Finally my dough doesn't tear or feel so sticky when I roll it out on the pan.

I think the trick is to add more flour at the first kneading and trust my instinct rather than just follow the recipe.

Waiting at the troubleshooting Q for the National steps challenge now. The Husband's tracker just refuses to sync with his phone. He was all "bah let's just toss this!" But I'm like NOOOO free money to get healthy!

So yes, I'm standing in the Q.

And I can only do this cos my parents are down babysitting my kids. So in terms of man hours it's actually x3 of whatever time I'm standing in line!

Butbut IM KID FREE!!!!!

So yes, all this time waiting is worth it for me

Must document what's cooking


Thai basil pork

Lotus root with pork rib soup.

My basil plant sacrificed its leaves for my meal later!

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