Back in the groove again! Gonna cook ginger sesame chicken and xiaobaicai later!

Yesterday was a very haphazard steamed meat/broccoli meal. I think I must have some catchy phrase so that I can remember what to cook for each day of the week. And usually I have more capacity on Thursday cos my parents come over to play with the children.

So Thursdays shall be henceforth called….*drumroll*

Terrific Thursdays

Which means I try a new recipe for Thursday dinner? And must have soup too.

(Cos soup is life to Chinaman husband and I am too lazy to cook everyday…)

Now must think of other phrases.

MIL MONDAYS (cos mil *usually* cooks; cannot take for granted though!)
TRIED AND TESTED TUESDAY (tues is hump day for me)
WET MARKET WEDNESDAY (my usual wetmarket day haha)
TERRIFIC THURSDAY (aka try something new)
FREE FRIDAY (freedom from cooking!!!)


(Credits: noobcook)

Her recipes are pretty straightforward so I shall try this today!

This is my ideal. Souper Tang's version. My girls finished the whole bowl themselves and I was only left the ginger strips…

Dinner is served!

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