Waiting waiting…

Such a needy phrase – "hungry heart"
I really like Laura Markham's approach to child rearing. For me it's aspirational! I'm definitely not there in terms of peaceful parenting (I'm more like panic parenting…) but reading all this calms me.

No1's p1 maths is very challenging. I know it's meant to be "fun" and different, but this type of questions uses a lot of her brain power.

It's more trial and error than mathematical thinking (what that means precisely I don't know but it sounds impressive haha) and I don't know how to explain it to her.

She did this at home which is why she wrote "study room" instead haha!

I think it's really higher order thinking skills now. What story??? My poor girl still has to draw sticks so that she can count properly.

My mom says to drill her on addition and subtraction up to twenty so that she can do sums in her head but no1 just can't do it for now.

She can answer number bonds, but she can't relate it to her maths sums.

It would be so easy to throw her assessment books and just drill and practice but will that help her or kill her love for learning?? How to make it fun? Or is fun overrated?

But but but if i force her to do assessment books everyday where's the motivation? I'll be the one who's pushing for excellence and she's just dragged along for the ride. Currently she's still very obedient and can do her homework by herself. Is that enough?

My neighbor passed me a ton of assessment books but I have yet to force her to do them, because I don't believe in all this.

Then my mom informed me that she made us do assessment books last time and we guai guai did them, so it probably is effective right? My childhood memories are a blur now, but I did quite well in school. Is it because I did lots of assessment books????? So should I help my child by drilling her? Or should I be more hip and not helicopter parent her?

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