So bored by himself at the playground…

Then a little girl came by but she totally didn't want to play with him. So he went "roar" and the little girl started to whine. Oops.

Ultimate irony – I planned to make this today because I wanted more time with my kids in the evening. End up I get more stressed because it's 1217 and I haven't started prep for it yet.

What did I do in the morning?

-make pizza dough
-send no2 to school
-bring no3 to playground
-make pizza with no3 "helping"
-feed no3, bathe him and now try to make him nap.

I think I should do overnight slow cooker recipes….this ambitiousness is not for mornings when kids need me.

Yay! Beef ragu done and dusted! Now waiting for no1 to be dismissed. Every time I'm early she gets delayed…when I'm slightly late she's always waiting for me!

Can't wait for her to be older so she can walk home herself heh

糟糕! My ragu looks like soup.
Should I
a) press on and cook it down
b) scoop out some of the soup and keep cooking
c) pretend that it's supposed to be like this.

The soup stock is homemade chicken soup. I think I added too much cos it was frozen and I just dumped the whole bag in. So very nutritious, but I don't want noodle soup I want THICK TASTY BEEF….

Playground part 2

No friends his age again haha

The jiejies don't want to play with him. #sadlife

finally! They're playing together!

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