Yesterday I read about how this 21 year old was caught for racing (175km/h at a 50km/hr zone) and he got off with a 1 year probation and community service.

When I questioned why he got off without even having to pay a fine, my lawyer friend replied that probation cannot be fined.

So I googled about it and our AGC kindly provided a nice PDF with nice diagrams about how the different punishments are linked.

Ok I have to admit I was irritated because of the "good family" remark that the lawyer made.

Of course as the defendant's lawyer you have to say whatever gets him off the hook. Which is max 6 month's jail and $2000 fine.

But really, he isn't even banned from driving! Not sure about demerit points but er doesn't have anything on that so hmm…What kind of deterrence is that? Seems rather unfair to those who speed much less and have to pay so much.

(Credit Facebook)
Anyway I was kaypoh and searched for his name (so memorable!) on Facebook. He's very fortunate ST didn't use this picture instead sure kena more snide remarks.

Bah I'm a little disillusioned with lawyers. But I guess this is mercy; and I would like to be shown mercy when I'm wrong so who am I to cast stones on others.

I also come from a good family 😆 not rich, but good!

House is crazily messy but the children are putting up a concert and playing together! So it's a worthwhile trade off

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