Peaceful Monday today. Life feels so much happier when it's sunny and bright!

I'm just a tropical person ☀️🍉🍍 or is this a sign of aging???

Walked past the pet clinic and saw this advert! So cute senior citizen pets also got package…feels like the pioneer discount!

We also saw some terrapins and my kids were just stuck there. The oldest declared that she would have a cat when she is a mom haha! I would say all the best to that!

Hmm this is really near my place but I'm not sure if it's worth it. Actually it's $48 for 3 kids cos mine are all over 2 years old.

What I really want is a deal for those trampoline parks!! Want to check them out but I don't know if the kids can last so long so I don't want to pay full price. Ok, I don't want to pay full price period.

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