Cuddling Didi in the morning and asked him, "Can you be mama's little boy forever?"

He said, "NO! I be mama's poo poo!"


Cheeky fellow!!!


Waiting to pick up the oldest child. I look around me and I think I will see this crowd of people for the next 6 years. #randomthoughts

Collected my steps tracker! Since I was thwarted at Jurong I decided to go to HPB. My MIL told me to go earlier so I reached at 355. (Collection is at 5)


I think there was about 20 people in front of me?

So we all waited patiently and I got my trackers at about 520pm…

When I went out, this was the sight

Super long queue that stretched all the way to the canteen! I saw a sign at the half way mark which said 2hrs from here. (Like amusement park ride lines haha)

I think I shall ask my parents to come here instead of waiting for the Tampines one at least there's aircon while waiting inside.

So if you want the trackers come early!


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