Hot and sweaty at jurong east

Crazily crowded at the Healthy Lifestyle festival…I wanted to queue for the fitness tracker but


I think if I queued it would have been an hour or two!

So we went to play the games inside. Here's the Coca Cola station you play beach ball haha.

Didi had lots of fun hitting the ball and the aunties and uncles were v amused.

This is my first time at Westgate! So nice!

The Thomas the engine ride is 2 bucks. But it's really nicely detailed…

Freebies given. I was very excited about the vitagen until I realized it was just ziplock bags haha. So boh liao but i wanted to make my trip down worth while.

Didi's height and weight! I took mine too but it's 见不得人😳

Must remind my parents to go for the one in Tampines they want to sign up for the tracker too… But seeing the queue I don't know if it's worth it queueing up there…

What's happening this weekend there. The space is so small so I think it's going to be scary on a weekend.


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