Baking chicken thighs for dinner. It's super early cos I was making pizza and decided to do everything at one shot!

Rectangle pizza today. Doubled my dough recipe cos my parents came over. Then they only ate 1 or 2 slices.

Never mind more for the kids tomorrow!

Can I just say I'm super impressed with Glad's baking paper? It totally doesn't stick onto the pizza! Sorry Tesco, you may be cheap but you tear too easily.

Will def stock up at the next NTUC sale. Did you know NTUC has sales for household goods twice a year? It's usually during Labor Day and National Day. 20% off! Great time for buying 3M, Scotchbrite and other household thingys. #auntymodeon

Speaking of aunty mode I think this Prime trial was not bad. First I only paid a flat fee for shipping, and they shipped out my items pretty quickly.

The weird thing is they claim some items are delayed so they keep splitting my parcels. Now I have 6 parcels and counting. I guess they want to clear the warehouse?

Got my kitchen towels yesterday. They are so bright they hurt my eyes…lets hope they're good to wipe with haha.

For reference- 龙马 at Albert Centre.

Walnuts 16/kg
Almonds 16/kg
Pecans 25/kg
Cashews 15-16/kg

Don't go to FLS complex the stuff is more expensive there even though it's the same shop. Pay for airconditioning I guess.

Thai basil pork. I decided to cook something separate for the kids and added chili into it. SO SHIOK!

Sometimes we just need some adult food to make ourselves happy. Low salt, no spice blah blah is torture.

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