Can't sleep and browsing through Instagram. This looks lovely but being the typical Asian I think it looks very CNY-esque.

I'm really fascinated by how the person (this is a fan account) managed to dig out all the pricing and provenance of each and every single item that Kate Midleton wore.

I wonder if Princess Diana was so scrutinized in her time; probably? It's never easy to be in the public eye thankfully KM does it so well.

So cute Princess Charlotte! They really like smocking for kid's clothing!

Homework and hiding

So extreme! I wonder what kind of videos they will show; probably motivational stuff haha!

Can't imagine the teachers having to shush the levels having their recess.

This reminds me of Korea where the planes don't fly during their national exams. Actually, that happens in Sg too during listening and oral I believe.

Suddenly feel like an emo nemo.


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