Didi is sitting quietly eating an apple.
Er jie is sleeping still.
I am sipping my tea unhurriedly.

Tuesday is off to a peaceful start.

Da jie came home, finished her lunch, did her homework and then practiced her piano.

Needed a little prompting but she completed her tasks. Grateful for small victories.

THERE IS A KON MARI SERIES?!?!? 10 minutes in and I'm like… This is my LIFE!

Homemaker ✅
Lots of things ✅
Kids ✅
Wants a house that's calm and easy to clean ✅✅✅

I need to finish watching this tonight so that I can launch my cleaning plans!!


Had a playdate and my friend's mom showed me how to plait no2's hair. I think it's all practice she did it really quickly!

Or maybe cos the hair was sweaty and sticky after the exercise?

Sucked into the TV Monster.

So hungry now cos we ate lunch at 530pm and I was too busy feeding them to eat much. Should I go outside to drink soup?

But #projectfitintomyclothes how???

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