Met a mom and son from Chennai downstairs! Didi was super bored playing by himself when the boy arrived. He was so delighted he went over to say hi and then they played on the seesaw.

Her Husband is a sailor and currently here on a captain's course. She said that he has to work for 4 months and then he gets 4 months break! Wow! And she gets to accompany him on board, so I'm not sure what kind of ship he sails on.

It was nice to talk to her and I'm so glad I initiated the conversation. Sometimes all it takes is a little smile and words start flowing.

I'm so sad she doesn't stay here though…I have no mummy friends in this neighbourhood 😢 I know quite a few helpers and grandparents though haha!


Reality. Mine is giving out a ton of juice (pork fat!!!) and it's still a pale color. I wonder if I should turn it on to high instead of low as the recipe suggests…

And what do I do with all that water??


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