Freedom is back to normal programming and being able to go wet market with just one kid! Yay!

Anyway we didn't get the bikes in the end, but I bought random pants and pjs for the kids and myself. Hope it's good!

A crime novel which has a surprising twist and super emo ending. I find myself gravitating towards books which have mums as narrators- I think it's because that's currently my role and mother/child relationships appeal to me.

Before this I read her earlier novel Sisters. Likewise it's a crime novel but it centers around sister relationships. As an only girl I always wanted to have sisters. I wonder if my son will feel the same way?

Wow super retro Sharity Elephant is back in business!

Super auntie mode during the ezbuy promotion. I bought scrubs and dishcloths!

This is supposedly really good for washing your dishes clean without getting your scrub dirty or gunky. Actually I saw it on the taobao fb group and wanted to try.

Minimalism fail.

Bought this cos my MIL is on a roll (haha get the pun!) cleaning stuff with a lint roller. It's supposedly the big type. She loves rolling our sofa and the floor when she's at our place. She doesn't even let the kids play with the roller, because she's afraid they'll spoil it!

If this works I'll be her new supplier of rollers…

Auntie game super strong. This looks like the cloths my MIL bought. Testing testing. It's like 10 cents?

In the end we didn't get the bicycle because the Husband is doubtful of the quality.

Me: everything is made in China nowadays!
Him: yes, but which part of China?

Sigh. Oh well maybe the girls will pick up inline skating instead. That takes us less space def!

This feature of theirs is such genius marketing. Basically you can browse what other people are buying. And since people are buying those items you think it's good and want to try too.

Herd mentality at its finest. Now I regret not looking for my Tsum tsum cover…

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