Ezbuy promo coming up and I want to get some stuff like pyjamas and bicycles.

Been looking for bicycles in Sg but the designs and prices aren't too fantastic. I don't want super flowery designs; just a simple solid color for the children. I went to Decathlon and checked out the Giant website. My budget is about 60 max per bicycle.

If anyone has any good deals please let me know? I know good bikes usually cost 100 upwards but they grow so fast!!!!

Waiting for the all clear. Quite efficient no need to register just go straight to the consultation room.

Nice and white… Now waiting for the husband to approve.



229 which works out to 50sgd. For an 18 inch it's definitely cheaper than anything in Sg.

This Prime trial is so enticing! 2.99 for shipping such a heavy item. Only thing is what if my stuff gets stuck at customs???

Actually decathlon bikes are simple too. But this is 139SGD šŸ˜³šŸ˜³šŸ˜³

X3 kids I don't need to eat already.

Mistigirl at a cool 260.90

This is nice! Er 380 though. If my kid is the next bmx champion I might consider haha

(From bicycles.sg) So pretty! I've always wanted a city bike. But honestly cycling in Sg very hot.


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