Lunch for me today. Looks super unappetizing but it promises to be very tasty! Roasted Golden mushroom with sweet potato.

Need to cut down on my refined carbs cos my clothes are getting tighter. Also I'm not getting any younger and I'm worried for my health…I can't keep eating the kids leftovers and expect to be slim and fit.

So from today, it's going to be more conscious eating, less ninja-ing snacks and lots of moving!


Happiness is when your children eat your cooking and ask for seconds!
Such a contrast to last week when they were ill and didn't want to eat anything.

Yay to macaroni I wasn't a fan of it but my kids have converted me.

Just finished this book. It's about a boy and his dog. The boy is autistic and his mom was at her wit's end until she saw how well her son took to dogs. So she bought him a golden retriever and it became his best friend and helped him with socialization.

I have a confession. I thought my oldest daughter was autistic. She couldn't really talk when she was 2 plus and she was quite shy at childcare.

My friend who was a psychologist told me that her language skills were slower than normal and told me she should get tested. Er, I decided to not be so close to the friend.

Anyway, when she was 4 I finally decided just do it. I went through the govt route, brought her to the poly and got a referral to KKH. There the doctor diagnosed her as having Global Developmental Delay because she had language, psychomotor and social? delays (can't remember it was so long ago).

At that time the Husband was going to be posted overseas in a few months time and I PANICKED. I felt like I was going to throw her into a foreign environment and she had to readjust and how was I going to help her I can't help myself etc etc.

So we decided to get her intensive help and went to Leapfrogs for speech and occupational therapy. It burnt a hole in our finances but it really gave me peace of mind.

And I think she learnt a lot from it. How to take turns, how to sequence etc.

So anyway, we were there for about 2 months and then we jetted off to France where she started kindy. I think while it didn't do too much for her language (parlez Francais vs 讲华语 and English), our time there really developed her physical side and social side.

Physically, because they had lots of outdoor time and went on hikes etc. Social because she was the only Chinoise and there was always someone who adopted her as their special friend. Friendship knows no language!

Anyway, time there was good and relaxed, so I'm glad we went over and she had time to grow/catch up with her peers. And to be out and about with more nature. And I'm glad I didn't despair and give up on her because she's so much better. She still gets a little incoherent when she's excited or anxious but otherwise shes doing great!

Which brings me back to this book. The mom was super dedicated to her son and really tried lots of things with him. Autism isn't an easy condition and she had to…

Fight tooth and nail to get him diagnosed and get the proper support. She also signed him up for art and drama and this helped bring him out of his shell because they were areas that he excelled in.

She also wanted him to have a sibling and went though IVF and other procedures and they finally had a daughter. She was progressing normally until 2 when she started to display autistic traits. EEK! But once again she just grit her teeth and got on with helping them.

And so, my takeaway is ALWAYS FIGHT FOR YOUR KIDS. Even though I'm sometimes grouchy and fight with them I must make sure they know I'm on their side.

And also, expose them more to animals/nature. I think autistic children in Sg must suffer quite a bit more because there's so much sensory input everywhere. The mom really cut down sensory overloads and made sure he had quiet time/space. Maybe my kids need silence and green trees too.

And lastly, don't anyhow label people autistic.

So dear Queen, if you ever read this Mummy is sorry that I thought you were autistic (albeit high functioning); you were just growing into yourself and right now you're fantastic! Just keep growing!


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