So happy didi slept great last night!

We soaked his feet in calamine, wrapped them up in socks and slept with the aircon on. I think the worst of it is over.

No2's rashes are starting but I think it isn't as bad as didi's so she only woke up twice. Let's hope the worst is over I woke up feeling HUMAN!

Prayer really helps thanks for praying!

Day 4 of HFMD – more red spots but I think once they're out they're not so itchy.

Bumpy bumpy I don't want to go near him but I'm his mom…

Checking the eldest every few hours so paranoid!!

There's an Early Childhood Conference happening end of this month! The exhibition is open and free for public. I signed the kids up for some music and movement event, mainly because it happens at 11am. The one I'm more interested is the Science one, but it's 9am and my kids are not early risers…
One thing about Singapore, there's never a lack of educational events to go to!

I like the 2nd paragraph – what a nice way of saying "sign up your kids for enrichment classes and get discount…"

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