The children haven't been sick for a while, so it's no surprise that two of them are sick now. Too much fun during the hols? Too many outings? I don't know, but just grit and bear with it.

I suspect the youngest has HFMD cos he has spots on his feet and hands, but will go to the doc tomorrow to confirm.

This is causing my daughter great anxiety tomorrow. She asked if she could leave her specs at home cos she was afraid people would laugh at her. She wants to be "normal". I tried to reassure her that it's normal to wear specs but she doesn't want to be "different".

I wanted to say, "you'll be different if you're the only one not wearing specs." But that's not very true plus I want her not to follow herd mentality.

Please pray for wisdom!!!

I just messaged one of her classmate's mother and found out that her other friend is wearing specs too! Haha I think she'll be in for a surprise tomorrow when she sees many children wearing specs.

This HFMD is driving me nuts. I read about the ulcers in the mouth leading to loss of appetite and possible dehydration.


I've been scratching his feet for 1 plus hour already and he still can't sleep. Moisturizer, aloe Vera and water – all doesn't work.

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